Mr. Music Encyclopedia, how did you get started in the DJ business?

I started collecting music in junior high, and keeping up on the top music on the charts.  After I married my lovely wife Denise, she suggested that I had the voice and the personality to put together with my “encyclopedic knowledge” and my large music collection.  It was time to “put it all to work.”

 What was your first job?

    A New Year’s Eve party at the former Astro East in North Attleboro, Mass.  (It’s now a dentist’s office.)

 How do you keep up on what’s current?

    By following Billboard Magazine’s Top 100 charts for different music – Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Adult Contemporary….

 How much music do you actually have in your collection?

     Over 70,000 recorded songs.

 How would you advise someone who is interested in getting into DJ-ing?

    First, start collecting music.  Then get some good sound equipment.  I like Peabey amplifiers, EV speakers, and I use a Newmark Anti-Skip dual CD player for my business.

 What’s most important in working with customers?

    With the size of our collection, we can accommodate any musical taste.  I like to see satisfied customers use our services over and over again.  We can vary the musical selections, and we always take requests.  We can play almost anything that anyone asks for, and work requests into fast and slow sets.  I like to see people up and dancing on the floor.

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