Mr. Music Encyclopedia’s trivia questions from previous months

April 2002:    Who is the only artist ever to record two different versions of the same song, both of which reached the top ten?   (answer)

May 2002: What two years did the song Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett make the Top Ten? (answer)

June 2002:  What song holds the record for most weeks at #2 on the chart, without ever hitting #1? (answer)

October 2002:  What two artists took the same song with different titles into the top ten?  (answer)

April 2003:  How many times has the song "Everlasting Love" made the Top 40 charts?  (answer)

June 2003:  How many times has the song "Sealed with a Kiss" made the Top 40 charts?  (answer)

August 2003:  Name the only chart hit where both the title and the artist are palindromes (they read the same forwards and backwards)  (answer)

September 2003:  How many times has the song Never Can Say Goodbye made the Top 40 chart?  (answer)

December 2003:  What song did Elvis Presley have in the Top 40 at the time of his death in 1977?  (answer)

January 2004:  What two groups made the Top 40 with the song "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing"? (In fact, both versions of the song were in the Top 40 at the same time.)  (answer)

March 2004:  What duo had two different versions of the same song in the Top 40 at the same time?  (answer)

June 2004:  What was the top forty 1987 hit where the title of the song and the artist are the same? (answer)

September 2004:  What one-hit wonder singer/songwriter played Captain Spaulding on the TV show MASH? (answer)

November 2004:  How many times has the song "The Twist" made the top 40?

February 2005:  What song holds the record for most weeks on Billboard's Top 100 and American Top 40? (answer)

March 2005:  How many times has the song "Break It To Me Gently" made the Top 40 charts? (answer)

August 2005:  Cat Stevens had ten consecutive Top 40 hits before the string was broken.  What song broke that string? (answer)

January 2006:  How many times did the song "My Boy" make the top 40 chart? (answer)

March 2006:  How many times has the song "Resurrection Shuffle" made the top 40 chart? (answer)

June 2006:  Can you name the song, and this "royal" group?  In 1976, it was their first top ten hit, but because of the movie "Wayne's World", the song was re-released and spent one week at #2 in the spring of 1994.  (answer)

August 2006:  How many times has the song "Young Love" made the Top 40 Chart? (answer)

November 2006:  We know that Bobby "Boris" Pickett had a Halloween song called "the Monster Mash."  What was his Christmas hit?   (answer)

January 2007:  1976 was a big year for television show themes that made the Top 40 chart! How many were there and what are they?   (answer)

March 2007:  The ROLLING STONES had 57 Top 100 singles and 41 Top 40 hits!  Their first #1 song was called (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - back in 1965.  What was the group's last #1 song?   (answer)

June 2007:  What is the shortest song, according to running time, to ever make the Top ten?  (answer)

January 2008:  What George Harrison song should have been the New Years' song of 1975, if it was released at the right time? (answer)

March 2008:  He's acclaimed as one of Rock and Roll's most influential artists, whose biggest hits include "Maybelline" in 1955, "School Day" in 1957 and "Sweet Little Sixteen" in 1958, but his only #1 record was banned from the radio! What was that song from the summer of 1972?   (answer)

July 2008:  Who was the lead singer of one hit wonder groups SPIRIT (peaked at #25 in 1969 with "I Got A Line On You") and JO JO GUNNE (peaked at #27 in 1972 with 'Run Run Run"), who went on to have two (2) top 40 solo hits of his own? (answer)

October 2008:  Singer/songwriter Jackson Browne had two top ten hits. In 1972, he took his first top ten hit to #8, a song called "Doctor My Eyes".  His second top ten hit was a song called "Somebody's Baby" from the movie soundtrack Fast Times At Ridgemont High, that peaked at #7 in the fall of 1982. What 1978 hit made Jackson Browne wait ten years between top ten hits? (answer)

March 2009:  What lady singer holds the record for most years between #1 records? (answer)

August 2009:  If Rick Springfield's 1976 chart single had made the Top 40 chart, he wouldn't have had to wait almost nine years between hits. What was that song? (answer)

January 2010:  Benny Mardones made the top 40 in two different years with the same song with "INTO THE NIGHT", which peaked at #11 in 1980 and at #20 in 1989. What female singer made the top twenty twice with the same song in the 70's, which went higher on the charts the second time around? (answer)

May 2010:  Wales native Tom Jones had his biggest hit record in the spring of 1971.  What is the name of this hit song, which was written by Paul Anka? (answer)

August 2010:  Who is the only member of the trio called Peter, Paul & Mary, who had a Top 40 solo hit? (answer)

January 2011:  Popular TV and Movie Comedian/Actor Steve Martin had a hit record in the Summer of 1978 called "KING TUT" (peaked at #17). His backing group was called "The Toot Uncommons." What is the REAL name of that backing group? (answer)

August 2011:  Country & Pop singer Lee Ann Rimes was a two-time record holder. Her song "HOW DO I LIVE" spent 69 weeks on the Hot 100 chart,61 of those weeks in the Top 40, spending 4 weeks at #2 in 1997. What pop-rock singer/songwriter/guitarist from Mechanicsville, Virginia broke both records with a song that peaked at #6 in 2008? (answer)

October 2011:  What one-hit wonder band from Birmingham, England has the distinction of being #1 on the charts between two Michael Jackson records, "Billy Jean" and "Beat It" in 1983? (answer)

February 2012:  The 1971 hit by The Raiders called "INDIAN RESERVATION" (recorded after Paul Revere left the group) became a #1 song from the summer of that year, but was actually a remake! What lead singer of the British group called The Sorrows did the original "INDIAN RESERVATION"? (answer)

September 2012:  What famous Country singer/songwrier/guitarist/actor produced the 1973 album by a "one hit wonder" group called Gunhill Road whose only appearance on the Top 40 chart was on June 2, 1973 with a song that peaked at #40 for one week? Hint: that song was called "BACK WHEN MY HAIR WAS SHORT". answer

December 2012:  Fats Domino has the shortest song according to running time to ever hit the Top Ten! It was a song called "WHOLE LOTTA LOVIN" with a total running time of 1:38! What is the shortest song, according to running time, to ever make the Top 40? Hint: It's performed by a highly influential guitarist, whose best known for his "Twangy" guitar sound. (answer)

March 2015:  The song "PROMISED LAND" became the 149th chart single and the 105th Top 40 hit for Elvis Presley in the fall of 1974. Who did the original version of this song in early 1965? (hint: It just missed the Top 40, peaking at #41!) (answer)

Last updated:  July 21, 2015